Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon therapy is a valuable procedure and treatment for a variety of colon conditions and as part of a fasting or cleansing program. A colonic treatment offers a gentle cleansing of the… Read More

Chinese Herbal Patents

as Nature Intended


What is Chelation? Chelation is most commonly referred to as the activity of a synthetic amino acid encapsulating heavy metals and minerals and making it possible for the body to excrete them…. Read More

BioClimate Reprogramming

Exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on the body and cause a multitude of ailments. Evidence has demonstrated a direct connection between temperature and migraines, arthritic pain and weather. From a… Read More

Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer

Benefits of the IV Administration of Vitamin C IV route is the only route to acquire therapeutic concentration. IV vitamin C stops proliferation of cancer cells by inhibiting the enzyme hyaluronidase which… Read More

Botanical Medicine

by Earth, Air, & Light


Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) Prolotherapy is another name for Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT). RIT is useful for addressing many different types of musculoskeletal pain. Demonstrated success has occurred with back pain, arthritis,… Read More